Here we have gathered answers to commonly asked questions, if your question isn’t answered here. Please reach out to us here.

Trading rules

How fast can i pass the evaluation?

The minimum number of active trading days per stage is 10, therefore you would require at least 20 days of active trading during the evaluation. This is to let the risk team properly assess your risk and trading style.

Max risk per trade?

The maximum risk allowed per trade is 2% of the account. The risk is measured by where you place your stop loss, it’s recommended to use a lot size calculator to use the correct risk. Important: A stop loss must be placed on every trade, failure to place a stop loss on every trade will disqualify you for funding.

Stop loss

The stop loss must be placed at the same time as the trade, this is the only way for the backer to control risk. If you place a trade without a stop loss (even if you add it later) your account will be terminated, this applies to both evaluation and funded accounts.

What is the leverage?

The leverage is 1:100, both on evaluation and live accounts.

Can i hold trades over night/weekend and news events?

Yes, there are no restrictions to when you can trade.

What markets am i able to trade?

All FX majors and FX majors crossings. There may be other instruments available to trade as well.

What happens if i fail the evaluation?

Our LP uses artificial intelligence to monitor your account and will disable your account without prior warning if:

  • You lose 10% of the account (Max drawdown)
  • You risk more than 2% per trade
  • You place a trade without a stop loss
  • You lose 5% in one trading day

If you fail the evaluation you account is disabled and can’t be activated again. If you followed all rules but didn’t reach the profit target you can try again for free if you ended in profit.

Evaluation program

What is the evaluation program?

The purpose or our evaluation program is to identify and reward talent, we are looking for traders who are able to manage risk and perform consistently in their trading. These are the traders our LP is willing to fund. The evaluation program takes place on a demo account, pass the evaluation and you’ll receive a fully funded live trading account.

After reviewing the FAQ’s you can start your evaluation by going here.

What to expect during the evaluation?

The process is easy and simple to understand.

Stage 1: Trade your plan, don’t break any rules and make your account grow 8%.

Time limit:30 days

Stage 2: Show the risk desk you weren’t just lucky in stage 1, make your account grow another 4% without breaking any rules.

Time limit:60 days

You need at least 10 active trading days per stage, to let the risk desk properly evaluate your performance. If you pass, the risk desk will do a final review to see that no rules were broken. If you pass, you’ll get funded.

Guaranteed funding?

Yes, if you followed the rules and showed consistency during the evaluation period you will get funded.

You can’t pass the evaluation with one giant trade that was your “home run”, you need to show consistency in risk and trade management.

What is the risk team looking for?

  • How you as a trader manage to trade consistently and manage risk over time.
  • Reliable capital preservation (consistent risk and wins/losses).

Our mission is to find disciplined traders with risk management skills and a long term mindset. If you’re unsure if your strategy is a good match, please reach out to our team here.

How are you different from other funding programs?

We have built this program with the trader in mind and we pride ourself to offer an extremely fast progression for funded traders to manage larger capital.

Our program gives you freedom to trade the way you do on your own account, with very few restrictions. Combined with industry leading profits splits of 70/30, we believe our program is top of the line.

Why do i pay the evaluation fee?

We are a company and we do have expenses, the fee is to cover our operations and make us able to deliver the evaluation program the way we do. The fee is not a deposit, we are not a broker and it’s non refundable.

Are there any costs/fees after i pass the evaluation?

No, we only charge the one time fee for you to enter the evaluation program. If you pass and get funded, there are no other fees. Withdrawal payment fees may be applicable depending on your method, you choose it when you request your first withdrawal with the LP.

Trading platform

What broker do you use?

We don’t use a typical retail broker and we don’t do any trading activity, trading is done on the platform provided directly by our liquidity provider (the firm that will fund traders who pass the evaluation).

What platforms do i trade on?

Metatrader 5

Can i use EAs?

Yes. But you will be responsible for all trading activity of the EA. No excuses.

Who owns the trading account?

Our liquidity provider.

Can i use a trade copier?

Yes, you can. If you prefer to trade on another platform for example, you can link your platform to the Mt5 account provided and keep trading on your preferred platform.

Funded trader

What is the employment structure of a live funded trader (portfolio manager)?

You will operate as an independant contractor and send an invoice for your payment withdrawals.

What is the max DD?

It will be the same as when you were doing the evaluation (10%).

When can i make withdrawals?

You can withdraw any profits made in the account once a month, you need to submit a request before the 24th and paid out between 25th-30th. Please see the withdrawal policy.

How do i get paid?

You can choose between different options (paypal, crypto etc)

About Forex Traders Fund

What is Forex Traders Fund?

We are an evaluation company, focused on sourcing talent and connecting them with liquidity.

Do you have a physical office?

We have offices in Sweden. Our liquidity providers are global. We can accept traders for evaluation from anywhere in the world.

Are you regulated?

We don’t need to be. We don’t provide any financial services and are therefore not subject to regulation. We are not a broker, we do not offer financial advise and we do not offer any financial services directly to our customers.

Who supplies the trading capital?

Forex Traders Fund is partnered with a global LP (liquidity provider). We provide a fintech referral platform for evaluating and referring consistent risk managers to funding from our LP.

Our LP is a global provider and a regulated entity.

How long have you been in business?

We have been operating since 2021.

What are our business hours?

09:00-16:00 (CEST)

If your question is not answered here in the FAQ section, please reach out to us and we will surely assist you.