The Forex Traders Fund is the premier funded trader program, offering an opportunity for talented traders to show their skills and get a contract directly with a large prop firm. If you pass the evaluation you start with a fully funded $100 000 account to trade, no loss liability and you keep 70% of profits.

The purpose of our evaluation program is to identify talent for our backer, we are looking for traders who are able to manage risk and perform consistently in their trading. The evaluation program takes place on a demo account, pass the evaluation and you’ll receive a contract to trade a fully funded live trading account.


Traders that pass the evaluation become fully funded with a $100 000 account. Make 10% and the account gets doubled.

Make another 10% on the $200 000 account and get upgraded to $1 million USD account.

Tradable instruments

Our LP offers trading on the forex majors and all forex majors cross pairs.

Other instruments may be offered for trading.


Traders can request payments on profits made once a month, there are no targets for a funded trader. Keep trading and withdraw profits.


We evaluate traders carefully before sending them to our LP for funding, an account that reach the 10% max DD will be closed. A trader in the evaluation phase that doesn’t meet the required target (but ends in profit) within the set period of time, will be able to try again for free.

Trading rules

  • Risk per trade: 2% max
  • Max drawdown: 10%
  • Max daily loss: 5%
  • Keep trades overnight/weekend is allowed
  • No stacking, hedging or martingale
  • EAs are allowed
  • Every trade MUST have a stop loss when placed (important)
  • Leverage is 1:100

Get started now

Stages of the evaluation

Stage 1: Trade your plan, don’t break any rules and make your account grow 8%.

Time limit:30 days

Stage 2: Show the risk desk you weren’t just lucky in stage 1, make your account grow another 4% without breaking any rules.

Time limit:60 days

You need at least 10 active trading days per stage, to let the risk desk properly evaluate your performance. If you pass, you’ll get funded.


Sign up for our evaluation program by paying the one time commitment fee.

You’ll receive login details to your evaluation account within 24 hours.


What happens next?

After you sign up and settle the payment your evaluation account will be created, typically we do this within 24 hours (business days). As soon as you receive the details, you stage 1 evaluation time begins.

If you have any questions, please contact us or on telegram here.