“To be the premier funded trader program on a global scale”

Our founders were noticing the current trend and litteral explosion of new prop firms all over the internet. Most of them operate in the same way, so we joined a few of them.

Tried their evaluation plans and passed.

What we experienced were lots of limitations, like low DD rules (4%) and risk per trade. This really got to us. Why would a prop firm suffocate traders with irrational rules?

Forex Traders Fund was born.

While the company that fund traders has to limit exposure and manage risk, there must also be room for the trader to actually perform. A profitable trader should be able to trade his strategy without limiting himself by irrational rules.

We do things differently.

Partnered with a global liquidity provider has empowered us to provide a gateway to liquidity, based on true talent and realistic targets.

Our goal is to match talent with liquidity and help traders world wide realize their potential.

Forex Traders Fund