In the first stage of the evaluation you trade on a demo account for 30 days with a target of 8%. The purpose of this stage is to prove your ability to manage risk and grow your account.

Consistency review

In stage 2 you have 60 days to grow your demo account another 4%. In this this the risk desk is monitoring your activity to ensure you follow the risk parameters and trade with discipline. Pass this stage to get funded.

Portfolio manager

If you pass the 2-step evaluation, you're now qualified to trade a live account and get paid for your performance. You'll get your contract and live account login details directly from the backer/LP.

We connect talent with liquidity


Friendly rules

The firm we send traders to are looking for consistent risk managers who trade in their own way and perform consistently. The DD allowance of 10%, max risk of 2% per trade give you freedom to trade the way you do on your own account.

Monthly payouts

Traders who pass the evaluation and get funded by the firm (LP) will get paid monthly on performance with a 70/30 split to your benefit.

Scaling plan

Manage up to $1Million with the fastest track to managing large capital in the industry.

Raw spreads and deep liquidity

Super fast execution and raw spreads, trading directly on the mt5 platform provided by our liquidity provider.

Realistic targets

Bring your system and trade your way, during the evaluation your target is to make 8% in stage 1, and 4% in stage 2. A funded trader don't have targets, just keep trading and scale the account for every 10% made.

Our focus

Our program rewards talented traders who know how to preserve capital and make profit. No limiting rules that sets you up to fail.